MayUI tool

Interactive assistant for building compliant interfaces, by Maya Stoeva

Introduction to the project "MayUI tool"

I'm working both as a UI/UX multimedia designer and front-developer team leader from five years ago. In every project I've ever begin I needed to make a big research what are the current visual requirments, concerning the type of user interface, which should be build. That process tooks me between a couple of days to more than a one work week. Therefore I decided two years ago to build a data base with so many different rules, that need to be followed when you start to design or develop a software, no matter from its type, which I'm constantly update with the fresh information. They all are connected with the complient interface visualisation, for example: what should be the height of one input box in iOS/Android form tag or Windows OS desktop application. After that I realized that having all of this information in one place is good, but still slow way to speed up my projects. In the end I found a sparkle... to build my own tool, called MayUI, which has to automate a process of searhing the appropriate requirments for my different kind of projects, no matter are they web, mobile or desktop based. I made a plan how to create it and decide to use a tree structuring questionnaire for that. Until the current moment only MayUI wireframes and prototypes are ready, but the development is in the process.

What you can do with the "MayUI tool"?

When MiUI tool will be available online, you are able to use it for:

  • You can choose corresponding visual requirements, according the selected type of interface you want to build – web, mobile or desktop.
  • MayUI tool can save your time for searching in different places the current compliant interface rules and speed up your visual design process and front-end development.
  • You can ask detailed question about defined visual components need to use, without need to filter manual the whole available information.
  • You can learn which are contemporary valid UI/UX design terms, principles and techniques at one place.

These features will be fully implemented in the next 2-3 months. After they are released online, the author is planning to extend the tool with some improvement, which will be announced soon.

"MayUI tool" in screens

Bellow you can find some screens from the wireframe, prototype and ready design view of the MayUI.

Wireframe view

You can see here some screens from the wireframing process of the tool creation.

Prototype view

You can see here some screens from the prototyping process of the tool creation.

How to open the tool

MayUI tool is in development process stage. Its model and prototype and tests on behavior's prototypes are completely ready. MayUI tool will be uploaded in the next 2-3 months. Follow the existing web page, please!

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